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The Boys Are Back in Town!

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CELA, the 1200 member strong statewide organization of lawyers dedicated to enforcing employee rights, had its annual convention in Oakland last week.

There was a special first day session on Thursday dedicated only to defamation, which was attended by an overflow crowd. Paul Greenberg was one of the three presenters along with “The Don of Defamation” Chris Whelan and outgoing CELA chair Bernard Alexander.

One of the many highlights of the defamation program was the power point presentation given by Paul Greenberg and co-authored by Jane Tanimura of Greenberg & Weinmann, the editor of the California Employees Defamation Blog.

 Pictured from left to right: Chris Whelan, Paul Greenberg, Bernard Alexander

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Greenberg and Weinmann is hotter than the summer! Here they are pictured celebrating the most recent of their 10 recent client pleasing and vindicating settlements.


About Paul Greenberg and
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Paul Greenberg is managing partner of Greenberg & Weinmann, a law firm that is committed to advancing justice in the workplace and protecting employee rights. For over 25 years, (the last 20 with partner Iris Weinmann), he has handled legal claims on behalf of employees, including over 50 defamation cases that have resulted in significant compensatory and punitive damages and Labor Code section 1050 penalties, in both state and federal court. Greenberg & Weinmann has successfully litigated defamation claims to verdict and received favorable appellate court decisions upholding or reinstating employee rights with respect to their defamation claims. Greenberg & Weinmann is based in Santa Monica, California but litigates statewide.

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